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Personal Attention to Your Residential Property Concerns

Buying a home, investing in a residential rental property or signing a lease on an apartment is a serious commitment that can have long-term financial consequences.

If you are entering into a residential real estate transaction, you should make sure that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities. If you are involved in a residential property dispute, you should get a skilled advocate on your side.

At Clinton Paris, P.A., in Riverview, Florida, we assist clients with a wide range of residential real estate litigation and transactional matters. Contact us to discuss how attorney Clinton Paris can help you.

Skillfully Handling Real Estate Disputes

Are you involved in a dispute over residential property with a landlord, tenant, buyer, seller, homeowners association or property owner? If so, consulting with a knowledgeable real estate attorney may be the first step toward obtaining a fair result.

  • Residential leases are complicated, and there may be state or local laws affecting your rights as either a landlord or tenant under a residential lease into which you have entered. If you are involved in a dispute over nonpayment of rent, property damage to the premises, wrongful eviction or another landlord/tenant issue, we can help you understand your rights.
  • Residential property sales involve a series of steps and a number of distinct rights and responsibilities on the part of sellers and buyers. If you are involved in a sale dispute, attorney Clinton Paris can explain your options.
  • Homeowners associations and property owners may come into conflict over deed restrictions, assessments and other issues. We can help either side in these disputes.

If your dispute ends up needing to go into litigation, you can be confident that experienced real estate lawyer Clinton Paris will effectively assert your rights and interests at every stage.

Protecting Your Rights in Residential Transactions

In addition to our litigation work, we also represent buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in the negotiation and transaction of sale contracts, title insurance, closing documents and residential leases.

Attorney Clinton Paris has extensive experience with residential real estate transactions and will carefully advise you on your rights and the consequences of any agreements you enter into. Call us at 813-413-7924 or e-mail us to discuss any concerns you have regarding residential property agreements.